2018 Year In Review

Greetings of peace dear friends, 

Well, here we are again, at the close of another year.   It is hard to believe that 2018 will end in just a few days.  My family and I had another momentous twelve months, with many great changes having taken place in our household ~ setting into play yet another new “season” in our lives.   Lots to write about and share, as soon as I can make time to sit and gather my thoughts about it all.  Personally and professionally ~  I’ve been trying harder to listen, learn, grow, question, consult, assess and re-assess with hopes of bettering myself and being of better service to others around me.   Passing the paramount of middle age has shown me that, those efforts are like washing dishes or laundry: necessarily ongoing until the very end is nigh!

As 2019 arrives, this site will be refreshed with a long-overdue make-over.  There will be new pages, articles and links that I hope will be of interest to those of you who have been long time subscribers here.  One new section, to be uploaded in phases, will be an overview of my past thirty years as song-smith.  That timeline will include photos, audio, video and some interesting reflections that have been quite fun, and sometimes emotional, for me to compile.  

Before retreating to reflect upon plans and resolutions for the immediate future, here are a few notable experiences I was blessed to enjoy during 2018.   Deepest thanks to all of you, far and wide, who enrich my life so tremendously and inspire me to keep writing, singing and trying to change the world for the better…one song at a time.

Best wishes in the New Year. 

With peace,

• Between January and December of 2018, I was privileged to offer 52 musical performances at events in Canada, the USA and Pakistan.

• My work with the educational puppet troupe Kids on The Block also had me present 50 performances at schools, community centres and places of worship across my home province of Ontario, Canada.

• After much thought, I decided to delete my Facebook account this year.  There were so many reasons why I needed to do it ~ perhaps I will write about those in 2019.   How does it feel being Facebook Free?  Wonderful !   Now this blog, and it’s spin off Sound Cloud, Youtube and Abraham Jam sites are my chosen platforms for keeping in touch with you all.

• 2018 saw me back in the studio again to work with educational media producers Sound Vision as they re-boot the treasured Adam’s World series for a new generation   Back in the 1990’s Adam’s World found its way through VHS and DVD into homes around the world.  The groundbreaking series for English-speaking muslim families also featured video clips to many of my early children’s songs.   Adam’s World is back in production with an exciting new format and it is an honour for me to be working on dozens of fun songs for fresh episodes launching in 2019!   Watch and hear the new Adam’s World theme song here!

• Last spring, singer/songwriter and dear friend Raef, asked me to co-write a new song with him.  During the summer we recorded our little ditty and, as far as I know, it is scheduled for release in the new year!

• Autumn 2018 brought the exciting release of Abraham Jam Live, recorded with my friends Billy Jonas and David LaMotte.   Our trio, Abraham Jam, has become my primary musical focus these days, as we three brothers from three different faith traditions set out to put “…a little more love in the world” through song.   We were on the road sharing our music pretty consistently over the past twelve months, bouncing between gigs and recording sessions.  Reception of the Abraham Jam Live album has been heartwarming ~ inspiring the three of us tremendously.  We’re already about 75% of the way toward finishing up a second album of material recorded in studio with our dear brother (and co-producer) Chris Rosser.

• The Prophetic Praise compilation album was also released during the past year.  It included a little hymn I was honoured to sing entitled “Now Lend Your Ears”.  Penned by a dear mentor to me (scholar and writer Timothy Abdal Hakim Murad Winter) the lyrics and melody have a delightful Victorian sound to them.  Also featured on the recording were beautiful songs by old friends Sami Yusuf and Ali Keeler ~ two incredible artists.

• Inshallah Kids & Families kept me busy in 2018 for it’s third year!  The choir has grown to about 15 children, who often come to sing each week with a parent, grandparent or caregiver of some sort.  Along with fellow song-leaders Kelly and Ruth Anne, this year the choir worked on new songs of peace and justice in English, Arabic, Hebrew, Latin and Sign Language!  We also saw senior choir members take the lead in directing ~ planting the seeds of song in the hearts of younger peers.


8 Comments on “2018 Year In Review

  1. Salam Brother Dawud,

    Thank you for continuing to sharing you journey and Insha’Allah may 2019 be of more blessings and abundance to you, your family, your community and all those whom you give your time, efforts and dedication to. We can all make the world a better place. Thank you for doing it with your humble character & beautiful music.

    With Warmest Regards

    Keesha & family x

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  2. Happy New Year, dear Dawud! You are one of my biggest inspirations!

  3. Salams dear Keesha, thank you so much for taking the time to write with such a sweet post. Best wishes for 2019 and peace to you and your family.

  4. Peace Irina! Beautiful how inspiration circles around the world! How delightful it is to know that my songs have become a part of your life in some small way. Knowing that inspires me! Thank you for being in touch. Etymology is so fascinating to me: The word “spirit” comes from the Latin “spirare” meaning, to “breathe”, linked also to “spiritus” meaning “breath” or “spirit”. Being “inspired” is to literarily help another to breathe…filling them with “spirit”. We see so many faith traditions emphasize the “breath”, even chanting it in rhythm to honour and remember that “spirit” within each of us: OM, Hu, Ya! May we all continue to inspire each other… help each other to “catch our breath” and catch our “spirits” in these rapidly changing times!

  5. Thanks for your post! Indeed, the “real Asad” is Jawad Jafry and he is a gem of a person. I hope you do get to meet him one day. He lives in Toronto and occasionally ventures out of his studio to give lectures. Here is an interview with him surrounding a video series he produced a few years ago called “Parenting In The Digital World” He even brought me in to help out.


  6. OMG I remember when our local tv station started showing Adams world, one year, I cant remember exactly which one, during Ramadan and every night before iftar, although I was a “big girl” meaning I was in high school and as they repeated that program every Ramadan, even when I was student on faculty, I was running on my way home so I can catch that show. In my country with traditional type of deen in that time it was such refreshing watching western muslims and their ways of expression faith. I’ll never forget that puppet, for years I imitated his Assalamu alaykooom way of greeting

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