New Release: “All About Me” Video with Raef 

A new video for the song “All About Me” has just been released today!   Watch it on Youtube here.

It was such a pleasure to write and record “All About Me” over the past year with my dear old friend Raef.  Our relationship goes back to the early 2000’s when Raef was still in high school.  He contacted me out of the blue to discuss the intricacies of voice preservation, as part of a school project he was preparing on vocal music.  Years later, I discovered a mysterious young musician on Youtube, hiding his face while singing and strumming some of my old songs.  When I dropped a note of thanks and encouragement to the talented vocalist, he revealed his true identity and, lo and behold… it turned out to be Raef!

Reaf’s dedication to education, youth mentorship and music, combined with his positive spirit and gracious personality, quickly propelled him to the occupation of an award-winning high school teacher.  What his students didn’t realize though, was that their weekday classroom instructor was also travelling across America on weekends as a troubadour with the Poetic Vision Tour.

During those years with the Poetic Vision Tour, Raef and I travelled together extensively ~ learning from each other, singing, laughing, discussing and building a brotherhood that we treasure to this day.

Signing with Awakening Music a few years ago, Raef was able to take his heart-felt songs to international audiences, releasing his debut album “The Path” in 2014.  He has also become a celebrated travel-writer and television host with his highly successful program “The Journey of A Backpacker”, produced in Indonesia and  now in it’s fifth season!

The video shoot for “All About Me” reunited Raef and I after almost six years apart and we were delighted to have talented cinematographer Chancey Gannett behind the camera.   “All About Me” will be included on Raef’s forthcoming album “Mercy”, due out later this year.

5 Comments on “New Release: “All About Me” Video with Raef 

  1. Love it, it’s a happy go lucky smiley tune to make you smile all day and sing along.🙂

  2. Salam Brother Dawud! I was so happy & (amazed!) to check back to your site and see you had responded to my message, thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement for what I’m trying to do with Amanah Fitness! I should have known that you’ve been thinking about seeding messages of good health in the Muslim community all along! As a girl I would have loved learning to skip to the beat of your song!
    “All About Me” really struck a chord with me! I was recently listening to the timeless “Afraid to Read” and as I was listening to the lines that you sing “I sent an email to my loved one, just the other day, it’s sad communication has evolved this way….” I was just reflecting on how much has even changed since then and wondering what your vocal commentary would be on the current social media landscape!! So now I have my answer – I thought it was the perfect conclusion that this song ends with both of you having a screen-free chat over tea!
    I often struggle with social media because it seems to be a sort of necessary evil sometimes… of course I would love to cut it out, but for me to share the message of health and fitness, that’s how to reach people through these channels! And when you are spending time and effort creating content, I find I’m almost pushed into having to focus on metrics of post likes, engagement, etc. as it’s the only benchmark to measure success. But it’s stressful and prevents true connection.
    Do you have any advice on how to use social media for good causes, but prevent it from affecting your heart or affecting real offline connections?
    It’s always great to receive your updates!
    PS – I know you always say our generation was “brainwashed” with your songs… but I remember in kindergarten, my teacher had gone around asking everyone in class as to who was everyone’s favourite singers. I had no idea who any of the mainstream singers were who my classmates were listing, but when it came my turn, I proudly proclaimed “Dawud Wharnsby Ali!!” So thank you for being an important part of my (and so many others’!) childhood!

  3. Greetings of peace dearest Amina, thank you so much for your very kind response. All you wrote means a great deal to me and I am so pleased that my songs were such a part of your life growing up. When I wrote “Afraid To Read” almost twenty years ago, internet was in its infancy and I had only owned a home-computer for about two years! However, even then I could see radical changes happening in myself and our world, as we all became more dependant upon the rapidly changing technology. Immediately I started reflecting upon my concerns in songs like “Afraid To Read” and “Why Are The Drums So Silent”. Twenty to twenty-five years is the average time period for a new generation to be established. Thus, most young parents now were “born into” a world with social media and know no other way of life without it. Naturally, there are positive and negative side-effects to everything in life. The best we can do is to try and walk upon this earth with wisdom, humility and patience. For me to criticize social media or diss current technology would be hypocritical, as I too use the internet to share my music and even connect with wonderful individuals like yourself! To me, a song like “All About Me” is not intended to be a criticism of technology in and of itself ~ that would be like writing a song criticizing forks and spoons for being so efficient that they cause obesity! In my mind, “All About Me” is more of a comment on the condition of our hearts, the health of our minds and the well-being of our communities. In the song, the important question “Why can’t we speak heart to heart with an open mind?” is asked. The observation is also made that, regardless of social media connectivity, many of us are “…lonely for likes in a busy world” and “feel so connected” though our “brokenness is all so real.” Speaking from the heart, keeping an open mind, being lonely, being broken in spirit… these are really the issues the song is seeking to have people reflect upon. Let me gatherer some more of my thoughts on the evolution of social media, and how I try to maintain balance using it in my own life. If words come to me, I will try my best to post them in an article.

  4. LOVE IT. Thank you both. Your and Raef’s voices are perfect match. Message – I’ll need a time to process all verses

  5. 2 my favorite artists collaborated, oh I really like this

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