Hum From The Hive ~ August 2019

● “White Moon” Album Release!    Abraham Jam in Guatemala  ●  New Website Song Players  ●  Inshallah Kids & Families Tune Up For A New Season 

“White Moon” Album Release!

Abraham Jam’s second album “White Moon” was launched July 27th at a special concert in Asheville, North Carolina.   Billy, David and I were joined on stage with multi-instrumentalist Chris Rosser (honourary AJ member and co-producer of both Abraham Jam  albums) and percussionist River Guerguerian (who also appears on the album.)

Abraham Jam at the July 27th album release concert for “White Moon”.

Friends from around the world who supported the album’s Kickstart campaign last year, had their copies of “White Moon” sent out to them just prior to the official release concert.  It has been heartwarming to recieved their follow up comments, reviews and messages of support for the new project.

“White Moon” may now be purchased on CD or dowloaded digitally from most reputable on-line music distributors.   Click here to get your copy now!

Abraham Jam in Guatemala

Abraham Jam with talented music school alumni who shared the stage with us at a concert in El Tejar, Guatemala.

The morning after our album release, Abraham Jam flew out to Guatemala where we spent five incredible days visiting school projects supported, in part, by our brother David LaMotte.  Hosted by PEG Partners (a non profit set up by David and his wife after their first visit to Guatemala fifteen years ago) we met with teachers, students and support staff of schools in the villages of Tzanchaj (near near Santiago) and El Tejar.

Naturally there was a lot of singing going on wherever we went ~ including a grand concert at the El Tejar Salon Municipal, where we had the honour of sharing a stage with students and alumni of CEDIN school. The work that my brother David has done in Guatemala through PEG is a testament to the significance of small efforts. Thousands of Guatemalan children have been touched by programs funded by PEG, and more are touched each day.  Abraham Jam look forward to being a part of ongoing work with PEG as we progress with our musical messages of peace,  justice and working together with others in harmony.

New Website Song Players

It is a pleasure to share some new music with you this month.   Down at the bottom of the site you will notice that, in addition to a music player with original songs from my various albums, there two new juke boxes full of songs to enjoy.

“Shorter Songs For Younger Folks” is a collection of brand new tunes I have written and recorded for forthcoming episodes of the children’s series Adam’s World.    The educational program was popular across North America and the United Kingdom in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, distributed in the home video/DVD market of that era ~ and pirated heavily world-wide.  A re-boot of the series is now underway, aimed at families of the 21st Century who will be able to watch the fresh programs on their handheld digital devices through a subscription process.

Dozens of scripts have been filmed and edited as we gear up for the “official launch” of the series in coming months.  Each new song I produce for the series (one per show) will be accompanied by a lovely video montage, embedded into each episode.  Until it’s formal launch, I thought those of you who may have grown up on my older children’s songs may like to have first dibs on these new ones ~  to share now with your children and grandchildren!

“Dawud’s Arrangements of Songs By Others” is little compilation of cover tunes I have recorded over the years for friends, family or for my own fun.  Hope you enjoy hearing my renditions of a few popular tunes you may recognize.   Usually, when I am not on the road with Abraham Jam, you will find me in my kitchen strumming, singing and sounding the way I do in these mostly live recordings.  Pour a cup of coffee or tea and sing along!

Inshallah Kids & Families Tune Up For A New Season

Families in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario area, please contact Ruth-Anne Hamel for more information about joining us!

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