booking dawud

  • Dawud is always willing to share his songs at community events, places of worship, festivals, conferences, theatres, schools or universities ~ with no audience size being too large or too small.  However, Dawud does not accept invitations to entertain at private parties (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings  etc.).
  • Bookings are normally scheduled 3 to 6 months in advance.
  • In addition to a nominal honorarium, hosts are also expected to cover Dawud’s basic travel and hotel accommodation costs.
  • Dawud’s annual performance honorariums are split three ways:  a fixed portion toward his family’s personal living expenses, a fixed portion toward his ongoing artistic production (recording and business administration costs) and the remainder toward Al Imtiaz Academy, a school in Pakistan directly overseen by Dawud and his family.  The Al Imtiaz Academy trust is also the primary beneficiary of Dawud’s album sales and royalties.

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